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Hearing Evaluations

Audiological Evaluation

This is an appointment which takes approximately 1-hour where hearing ability is measured utilizing pure-tone air and bone conduction audiometry, speech audiometry and acoustic impedance measurements.

Test results will give the audiologist diagnostic information regarding the nature and extent of any hearing loss as well as the need for appropriate treatment.

Test results will be explained to the patient and recommendations made as to the next step. We will also send a written report to the patient’s physician upon request.

Hearing Aid Evaluation

During this 1-hour appointment, the audiologist will review the most recent hearing test with the patient.

Amplification is also discussed with the patient outlining different hearing aid styles and technology available.

The audiologist and patient work together to decide which manufacturer, technology level and style of hearing instrument would best meet his/her hearing loss needs, personal expectations, and lifestyle requirements.

Once a decision is made, impressions (when appropriate) and hearing aids are ordered.

Price and policies are reviewed with the patient and any questions regarding the process are answered.